Stay On Top of Your Diabetes

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Living with diabetes can be tough. Dr. James Rice is here to make it easier. We offer diabetes management to help you deal with diabetes in the healthiest way and the way that makes the most sense for you. We'll help you monitor your sugar intake and keep track of your insulin.

We are here to help manage your diabetes and to maintain good health. Management of your Hemoglobin A1C is an important step in managing your diabetic care. We offer in house A1C along with in house lab work to monitor your kidneys, blood sugar and other important labs as needed. We will help establish a plan for your lifestyle in medication, nutrition, diet and exercise that is right for you.

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Find a routine that works for you

Find a routine that works for you

You may not be able to cure your diabetes, but you can absolutely control your diabetes. We'll help you find a way. There are many different treatments, solutions and behaviors that can help to keep you healthy and whole.

We're always incredibly thorough and compassionate with our patients. We can provide A1C tests to measure what percentage of your red blood cells are coated with sugar. This helps us determine your risk for diabetes complications.

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